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Database Maintenance

Monday, 2nd June 2008

The database is undergoing a maintenance, accounts created from 1st April - 1st June 2008 are currently set inactive and this also includes any business listing. Accounts/Business Listings are expected to be reactivated by Friday 6th June. Geo Domains are currently re-assigning all business listings into their appropriate new categories in preperation for the launch of the new community portal structure.

Improved Business Directory

Thursday, 20th March 2008

We are currently in the process of overhauling the business directory on all community portals. The newer setup will be more extensive and consist of many more categories. This will allow businesses to be allocated to a more specific category, as opposed to the current setup of generalised main and sub categories. The completion of these modifications are to be done by the end of May.

New Geo Domains Website

Wednesday, 19th March 2008

Introducing the new Geo Domains website.